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Welcome to my

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This site has been created to support my E-Business teaching and research at the
Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California
(Professor C. Schlueter Langdon)


The "New Economy" + Information Systems Research

The Internet is changing business economics and industry structure in such a significant way that many observers have predicted the end of the Industrial Age and the dawn of the so-called New Economy.

"The New Economy is real, even if its significance has been exaggerated. New technology has engendered increase in productivity that will continue to make an enormous difference in our living standards"
(Joseph Stiglitz--a former chief economist of the World Bank and chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers. 2002. The Roaring Nineties. The Atlantic Monthly (October): 75-89, 88).

Today, companies use information systems to automate business processes, interact with individual customers, mass-customize products and services, and manage suppliers and the supply chain.

In many areas, software code is quickly becoming the 'factory.'

"The fact that the New Economy is real, however, doesn't mean that we've understood it"
(Stiglitz 2002, 88).

Leadership and economic success require an intimate understanding of the 'factory' and the relationships among information technology standards, computing styles, systems architectures and business strategy. The analysis of these relationships, and their economics and dynamics are the focus of my research and teaching.


Research + Teaching

Insights from original research and its application in business are an integral part of two MBA courses: (1) Information Systems Strategy and (2) E-Business Model Design.


Benefits for Sponsors

Participating firms can be involved in both research and teaching. Activities include, among other things, guest speaker sessions, joint conference presentations, case studies and projects with our best graduate students.


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