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The Boston Consulting Group is a leading international strategy and general management consulting firm whose mission is to help leading corporations create and sustain competitive advantage. It currently has 48 offices and approximately 2,000 consulting staff around the world.  As a truly international firm, its strong global presence offers clients and employees a wealth of cross-cultural experience.

Announcements - Sat., July 14, 2001: Guest speaker Boston Consulting Group

BCG's m-commerce experts will demonstrate 2.5G/3G equipment from projects in Korea and Japan, and discuss strategic implications of broadband wireless capabilities. A m-commerce case study will be presented which has to be solved in groups of four students. Results will be presented to the BCG consultants and Prof. Schlueter-Langdon.

We thank BCG for their invitation to provide lunch.



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BCG's "Experience Curve" and "Growth Share Matrix"

M-Commerce value chain segments

Emerging strategic role: Mobile virtual network provider

Fixed vs. mobile Internet

Case study session (1) Case study session (2) "Board" presentation (1) "Board" presentation (2)