Peter Fuchs

CEO and Chairman, TheBrain Technologies Corp.

(Former Managing Partner, Anderson Consulting – Strategic Services Group)



Peter Fuchs is responsible for the strategic direction and overall operations of  Before joining in May 2000, Peter served as Managing Partner of Practice Strategy at Andersen Consulting. In that position, he led Horizon 2010, a company-wide initiative to drive the development of global strategies and sustain Andersen Consulting’s competitive advantage into the 21st century. Prior to that, Peter served for 12 years as the founder and original managing partner of Andersen Consulting’s Strategic Services Group. In this position, he oversaw the growth of the group to more than 2,300 strategists worldwide, representing the second-largest strategy consulting capability in the world. Peter was also a member of Andersen Consulting’s Executive and Operating Committees and a member of the Andersen Worldwide Board of Partners.


TheBrain Technologies Corporation

TheBrain Technologies Corporation is the leading provider of visual information environments.  The company is the creator of TheBrain technology, the most powerful way to organize, display, navigate and share information. TheBrain is a dynamic graphical interface that connects information, replacing traditional file ad folder hierarchies that separate information.  Its goal is to let people see all information in one place - and understand how pieces of information relate to each other, whether they need to see the "big picture" or a single piece of data.  TheBrain is the smartest way to capture and retain the thinking of an individual or global enterprise.  TheBrain technology has also been customized into a series of products for the consumer, business and Web markets.  Some of its clients include Anderson Consulting, Red Herring, City of Los Angeles, The Rockefeller Foundation, Columbia University, Community of Science and others.

(Source: TheBrain Technologies Corporation: Fact Sheet)


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